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Sunflower Bean by Rebekah Campbell Photography 

Styled by Amber Simiriglia

(Source: sunflowerbeanband)


Sunflower Bean By Jess Rizo 

@sunflowerbean in the center of the earth!! (at Brooklyn Bridge)

I will never forget my photo session with Sunflower Bean in Lower Manhattan during the Spring of 2014. The band is so young and full of promise.
Photo by Brad Elterman

19, continued

because in 2014 the societal pressures to conform and be lame and boring are now packaged in an “indie” box and now you can be hip and artsy and cool but still empty.


sometimes i think to myself it would be cool and would probably make my life very easy if i could go to college and graduate in 4 years with a degree in something interesting, but then i realize theres a whole lot more to life then thousands of dollars and hours spent worrying about a grade. yes learning is important. yes learning is essential but as it stands now i have absolutely no desire to spend the majority of  the next 4 years in glorified high school. I’m 19. I’m excited about the future. I’m okay with the past. And i will continue to refuse to except anything less then a fulfilling and substantial life driven by me, not by any societal pressures to be bored and sad and boring and lame.


Bread by Sunflower Bean 

take a listen =]]


The Rolling Stones in Fresno, California. May 22, 1965

Radar: Sunflower Bean



In the year 2013. Hätte man mir im letzten Jahr geheimnisvoll vorhergesagt, dass es ein Jahr später einen Song geben würde, der 2013 zelebrieren würde, ich hätte mir eine Orgie aus Synth-Klängen, künstlichen Computer-Tönen und Plastik vorgestellt. Ich hätte in den Ecken meines Kopfes nach…

v kind words


An original @juliacumming 2013. Her medium of choice is #liquideyeliner. Currently on exhibit in the halls of Emet.

this is my girlfriend Crista. I love her very very very very much

I met the cool band Sunflower Bean in lower manhattan and took some photos of them on Purple Diary. 
Photo by Brad Elterman

lou reed is a boss.  I wish i had known more about him when i played a cover show as the velvets a week after he died.


Bold & Brash 
Tentacles, 2001

I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge the other day with Sunflower Bean band. When we were about half way across the bridge, we stopped and I took this photo. More photo of from the historic day HERE!
Photo by Brad Elterman